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Onal interacon devices spaally augmented reality

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Unformatted text preview: Rusinkiewicz & Levoy, •  SIGGRAPH 2000 •  Low powered computer –  portable •  Interac.ve visualiza.on –  E.g., find holes in data - > suggest new scan points •  127 million points •  Pixel size –  Screen Space criteria –  Visibility culling •  File layout & streaming data, pre- fetching 1 3/28/12 Today’s Class •  •  •  •  •  •  •  This Week’s Readings Tradi.onal Interac.on Devices Spa.ally Augmented Reality Examples of Visualiza.on for Debugging Upcoming Schedule Assignment #8 Next Week’s Readings Dynamic Projec.on Surfaces for Immersive Visualiza.on Theodore C. Yapo, Yu Sheng, Joshua Nasman, Andrew Dolce, Eric Li, and Barbara Cutler PROCAMS 2010 IEEE Interna3onal Workshop on Projector- Camera Systems, June 2010 Architectural Dayligh.ng Design •  Windows, wall colors, & .me of day controlled through iTouch interface Tradi.onal Interac.on Devices...
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