Ons presentaon homework assignment 8 experimenng with

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Unformatted text preview: c.on •  Occlusions & Projector Visibility •  Fade in/fade out for transi.ons •  Make sure the sum of all projectors = 1 •  Solu.on: Visualiza.on the number of projectors each patch can see •  Solu.on: Visualize blending weights for each projector How Tetrahedra Fill Volumetric Space •  Drawing on (in 2D) didn’t work •  Crea.ng an OpenGL visualiza.on didn’t work (even with transparency) •  Solu.on: build lots of paper & tape models 4 3/28/12 4x4 Calibra.on Projec.on Matrices Projec.on •  Sanity check posi.on & direc.on of camera & each projector •  Understand distribu.on of calibra.on error •  Solu.on: Render all...
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