Is your intended message conveyed does the user draw

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Unformatted text preview: sign”, Heer & Bostock, ACM CHI 2010 Homework Assignment 10: User Feedback Final Project week # 3 •  Show your final project visualiza9on, in its current form, to: –  at least 5 people in this class, and –  at least 5 people outside of this class •  Get feedback on all aspects of the design –  visualiza9on style, color, layout, interac9on, presenta9on, etc. –  Is your intended message conveyed? Does the user draw a correct and logical analysis or interpreta9on from the data? •  Ask for sugges9ons for improvement for: –  short term: can be implemented before the deadline –  longer term: if you con9nued working on this visualiza9on, what big visualiza9on implementa9on challenges or other related datasets could you tackle? •  Engage in the discussion & take detailed notes of feedback •  Focus: Visualiza9on Revision & Presenta9on...
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