Hacking Case

16 find 6 installed programs that may be used for

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Unformatted text preview: or [email protected]? 16. Find 6 installed programs that may be used for hacking. http://www.cfr eds.nist.g ov/imag es/hacking - dd/SCHARDT.008 1/2 1/29/2014 Hacking Case 17. What is the SMTP email address for Mr. Evil? 18. What are the NNTP (news server) settings for Mr. Evil? 19. What two installed programs show this information? 20. List 5 newsgroups that Mr. Evil has subscribed to? 21. A popular IRC (Internet Relay Chat) program called MIRC was installed. What are the user settings that was shown when the user was online and in a chat channel? 22. This IRC program has the capability to log chat sessions. List 3 IRC channels that the user of this computer accessed. 23. Ethereal, a popular “sniffing” program that can be used to intercept wired and wireless internet packets was also found to be installed. When TCP packets are collected and re- assembled, the default save directory is that users \My Documents directory. What is the name of the file that contains the intercepted data? 24. Viewing the file in a text format reveals much information about who and what wa...
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