Hacking Case

2 what operating system was used on the computer 3

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Unformatted text preview: match? 2. What operating system was used on the computer? 3. When was the install date? 4. What is the timezone settings? 5. Who is the registered owner? 6. What is the computer account name? 7. What is the primary domain name? 8. When was the last recorded computer shutdown date/time? 9. How many accounts are recorded (total number)? 10. What is the account name of the user who mostly uses the computer? 11. Who was the last user to logon to the computer? 12. A search for the name of “Greg Schardt” reveals multiple hits. One of these proves that Greg Schardt is Mr. Evil and is also the administrator of this computer. What file is it? What software program does this file relate to? 13. List the network cards used by this computer 14. This same file reports the IP address and MAC address of the computer. What are they? 15. An internet search for vendor name/model of NIC cards by MAC address can be used to find out which network interface was used. In the above answer, the first 3 hex characters of the MAC address report the vendor of the card. Which NIC card was used during the installation and set- up f...
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