Hacking Case

What type of wireless computer was the victim person

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Unformatted text preview: s intercepted. What type of wireless computer was the victim (person who had his internet surfing recorded) using? 25. What websites was the victim accessing? 26. Search for the main users web based email address. What is it? 27. Yahoo mail, a popular web based email service, saves copies of the email under what file name? 28. How many executable files are in the recycle bin? 29. Are these files really deleted? 30. How many files are actually reported to be deleted by the file system? 31. Perform a Anti- Virus check. Are there any viruses on the computer? Answers Looking at the answers requires a password. NIS T i s a n a g e n cy o f th e U.S . Co m m e rce De p a rtm e n t P ri va cy P o i l cy/S e cu ri ty No ti ce -- Di scl a i m e r | FOIA | US A Go v L a st u p d a te d : No ve m b e r 2 7 , 2 0 0 7 T e ch n i ca l co m m e n ts: [email protected] i st.g o v We bs ite c omme nts : we b 8 9 7 @n i st.g o v http://www.cfr eds.nist.g ov/imag es/hacking - dd/SCHARDT.008 2/2...
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