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Assignment3-gettingfamiliarwithOStools - CS6963 Digital...

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CS6963 - Digital Forensics Fall 2013 Assignment 2 This week we will get more familiar with file signatures, undeleting, and some open source tools. Download TSK, Autopsy and bulk_extractor into any VM of your choosing and complete the following exercise: References: Bulk_Extractor : https://github.com/simsong/bulk_extractor CyFor Modules http://cyfor.isis.poly.edu/16-view_modules.html?view=173-beviewer_13 http://cyfor.isis.poly.edu/16-view_modules.html?view=27-bulk_extractor_v12 http://cyfor.isis.poly.edu/16-view_modules.html?view=15-tsk__autopsy http://cyfor.isis.poly.edu/16-view_modules.html?view=32-file_carving_with_foremost http://cyfor.isis.poly.edu/16-view_modules.html?view=12-file_signature_analysis http://cyfor.isis.poly.edu/14-build_your_own_virtual_lab.html The SleuthK\TSK : http://www.sleuthkit.org/sleuthkit/download.php && https://github.com/sleuthkit/sleuthkit/ Autopsy : http://www.sleuthkit.org/autopsy/ File Signature Reference Table :
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