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Unformatted text preview: e : ● SANS Sift Toolkit/VM: Sample Evidence : File Name : Module3.ecf60d0bb35d6640ff82ce6671729bb4.dd MD5: ecf60d0bb35d6640ff82ce6671729bb4 What to Submit: Answer Questions 1-5 Using TSK/Autopsy: ○ Locate the MS Word Doc: Cash Deposits Second Quarter.doc 1. What time was the Cash Deposits Second Quarter MS Word Doc last accessed? 2. How many deleted files can you recover? Using Bulk_Extractor: 3. What are the email addresses bulk_extractor found? 4. Provide a location\filename for 1 instance of each email address found. Hint: you will need to run fiwalk and/or bulk_extractor/python/ 5. Explain the difference between TSK and bulk extractor. Give an example on why you would use each. Submit the following File(s) ○ Answers in PDF format ○ Bulk Extractor report.xml file (ONLY) - xml format is OK...
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This homework help was uploaded on 03/15/2014 for the course CS 6963 taught by Professor Walterbruehs during the Spring '10 term at NYU Poly.

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