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Unformatted text preview: referred to the environment but also to the people and cultures. Those who lived beyond its borders were called “barbaric” in comparison to the “civilized” home base of East Asia. III. Common Ground III. Common Ground and Regional Differences Peoples The region heavily influenced by Chinese civilization. Share physical and cultural similarities. But separated by regional, cultural and linguistic differences. Emphasis on rules for society based on Confucianism. Adoption of the same Chinese writing system. The history as an organized & distinct political entity. Sources of culture and cultural traditions/belief systems. Differences (in regional cultures and languages) both within China and between China and its neighbours. IV. Attitude Toward Nature IV. Attitude Toward Nature An agricultural dependence on the land for prosperity and civilization created a Chinese and East Asian attitude toward nature. Nature was seen as benevolent and something to be nurtured through human cultivation. It was both philosophically and practi...
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