Hansen et al 2006 Global Temperature Changes

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Unformatted text preview: . 12. Hansen J, Fung I, Lacis A, Rind D, Lebedeff S, Ruedy R, Russell G, Stone P (1988) J Geophys Res 93:9341–9364. 13. US Senate Commission on Energy and Natural Resources (1988) Greenhouse Effect and Global Climate Change (Govt Printing Office, Washington, DC). 14. Crichton M (2004) State of Fear (Harper Collins, New York). 15. U.S. Senate Commission on Environment & Public Works (2005) The Role of Science in Environmental Policy-Making (Govt Printing Office, Washington, DC). 16. Barnes F (2006) Rebel in Chief: Inside the Bold and Controversial Presidency of George W. Bush (Crown Forum, New York). 17. Hansen J (2005) Am Geophys Union U23D-01. 18. Michaels PJ (2000) Soc Epistemol 14:131–180. 19. Fedorov AV, Philander SG (2000) Science 288:1997–2002. 20. Cane MA (2005) Earth Plan Sci Lett 230:227–240. 21. Bjerknes J (1969) Mon Wea Rev 97:163–172. 22. Collins M (2005) Clim Dyn 24:89–104. 23. Ravelo AC, Andreasen DH, Lyle M, Olivarez Lyle A, Wara MW (2004) Nature 429:263–267. 24. Held IM, Soden BJ (2006) J Clim 19: in press. 25. Knutson T, Manabe S (1995) J Clim 8:2181–2199. 26. Vecchi G, Soden BJ, Wittenberg AT, Held IM, Leetmaa A, Harrison, MJ (May 4, 2006) Nature, 10.1038 nature04744. 27. Emanuel K (1987) Nature 326:483–485. 28. Medina-Elizade M, Lea DW (2005) Science 310:1009–1012. 29. Stott L, Cannariato K, Thunell R, Haug GH, Koutavas A, Lund S (2004) Nature 431:56–59. 30. Lea DW, Pak DK, Spero HJ (2000) Science 289:1719–1724. 31. Lea DW, Pak DK, Belanger CL, Spero HJ, Hall AM, Shackleton NJ (2006) Q Sci Rev 25:1152–1167. 32. Dowsett H, Thompson R, Barron J, Cronin T, Fleming F, Ishman S, Poore R, Willard D, Holtz T (1994) Global Plan Change 9:169–195. 33. Kienast M, Hanebuth TJJ, Pelejero C, Steinke S (2003) Geology 31:67–70. 34. Hansen J (2005) Clim Change 68:269–279. 35. Hare W (2003) Assessment of Knowledge on Impacts of Climate Change (German Advisory Council on Global Change, Berlin). 36. Parmesan C, Yohe G (2003) Nature 421:37–42. 37. Thomas CD, Cameron A, Green RE, Bakkenes M, Beaumont LJ, Collingham YC, Erasmus BFN, Siqueira MF, Grainger A, Hannah L, et al. (2004) Nature 427:145–148. 38. Flannery T (2005) The Weather Makers (Atlantic Monthly, New York). 39. Benton MJ (2003) When Life Nearly Died (Thames & Hudson, London). 40. Saraswat R, Nigam R, Weldeab S, Mackensen A, Naidu PD (December 17, 2005) Geophys Res Lett 32:10.1029 2005GL024093. 41. Vimeux F, Cuffey KM, Jouzel J (2002) Earth Planet Sci Lett 203:829–843. 42. Chapin FS, Sturm M, Serreze MC, McFadden JP, Key JR, Lloyd AH, McGuire AD, Rupp TS, Lynch AH, Schimel JP, et al. (2005) Science 310:657–660. 43. Archer D (2006) Rev Geophys, in press. 44. Hansen J, Sato M (2004) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 101:16109–16114. 45. Cicerone RJ (2006) Clim Change 77:221–226. 46. Crutzen PJ (2006) Clim Change 77:211–219. Hansen et al. PNAS September 26, 2006 vol. 103 no. 39 14293 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES We thank Ralph Cicerone for reviewing our submitted paper; Mark Bowen, Mark Cane, Adam Chambers, Bob Grumbine, Mickey Glantz, Isaac Held, Bruce Johansen, Margaret Kneller, Chuck Kutscher, Ehrhard Raschke, Joe Romm, Bill Ruddiman, Gus Speth, Harry van Loon, Gabriel Vecchi, Michael Wright, and Steve Zebiac for comments on a draft manuscript; Darnell Cain for technical assistance; and National Aeronautics and Space Administration Earth Science managers Jack Kaye, Don Anderson, and Eric Lindstrom and Hal Harvey of the Hewlett Foundation for research support....
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