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Unformatted text preview: iangle ASH are A = (5, 4), S = (11, 6) and H = (9, 10). a. Find the length of the median to AS. length: (2) ME: (2) PB: (2) b. Find the equation of the median to AS. c. Find the equation of the perpendicular bisector of AS. d. Find the coordinates of the centroid. Ce: (2) 9. An open-top trough in the shape of a right prism is drawn with the dimensions as shown. Find the volume and exterior surface area (including the bottom) of the trough. 12 7 2.5 2.5 4 Volume: (3) SA: (3) 10. Given a triangle with sides 25, 28, and 17: a) Find the area of the triangle. Area: (3) Length: (3) b) Find the length of the altitude to the longest side. 11. Two similar cones have volumes 25 in3, 200 in3. What is the ratio of their lateral areas (larger to smaller)? Ratio: (3) 12. Assume that the statement “All cars have wheels," in the domain of vehicles, is always true. a. Write the statement in if-then form (1 point). b. Write the converse and explain whether it is necessarily true or false (3 points). c. Write the contrapositive and explain whether it is true or false (3 points). 13. A boat sails on a bearing (clockwise from North) of 54º a distance of 115 miles. It then sails on a new bearing of 148º for another 75 miles. How far from its starting point is the boat and at what bearing should it sail to return on a direct p...
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