Diagrams may not be to scale point totals for each

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Unformatted text preview: t be to scale. Point totals for each problem are given in the answer box. 1. Find the volume of the oblique (not right) prism: 15 10 62º 20 Volume: I 2. Given the trapezoid FIRE with bases IR and EF and dimensions shown: a. 3 (3) 12 R 4 Z Name a pair of similar triangles (2 points). _____________ and _____________ F E 17 b. Name two pairs of triangles with equal area (1 point each). Pair 1: ___________ and _____________ ; c. Find the ratio Area RIZ . Area FEZ Pair 2: ___________ and _____________ Ratio: (3) 3. Given a cone with height 16 cm inscribed in a sphere of radius 10 cm, find the radius of the base, the volume and surface area of the cone. 10 cm Radius : (2) Volume: (1) 16 cm SA: (1) 4. Regular decagon MATCHBOXES is inscribed in circle P and LOG is tangent to circle P. Find the angles indicated by x, y, and z. C T H Q L A y B x P z M O S X E G x: (3) y: (3) z: (3) C 5. Find x, the length of the angle bisector in triangle COAL. 10 6 x O L A x: (3) 10 6. Find the radius and area of circle K in the diagram at the right. K 45° area: 7. BURN is a square with sides of length 12. From the midpoint M of BU a circular arc is drawn tangent to the diagonals of BURN at A and D. Similar constructions are made at the midpoints of the other three sides. (3) M B A U D Find the unshaded area. N R area: (3) 8. The vertices of tr...
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