How far from its starting point is the boat and at

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Unformatted text preview: ath? Distance: (3) Bearing (3) Part B. Open Response Problems 1. Constructions. Leave compass markings to demonstrate your method. a. Construct a 30º-60º-90º triangle (3 points). b. Construct any triangle and its inscribed circle (3 points). Complete any two of the following four proofs (5 points each): 2. Triangle PYR has PY = YR. E is a point, not in plane PYR, such that PE = ER. If O is any point on YE, prove that PO = OR. 3. How to fold a 60º angle on a piece of paper. A M P B ABCD is any rectangular piece of paper. MN folds the paper in half and PQ folds the right half in half again. Then corner A is folded along MR to meet PQ at S. S Prove that BMS = 60º. R D N Q C 4. Given ABC with point N on BC, show that “N is the midpoint of BC” is not sufficient to conclude that AN is the angle bisector of BAC . 5. Quadrilateral ABCD is a parallelogram. Points E and G are projections of A and C, respectively, on diagonal BD. That is, E and G are the feet of altitudes drawn to BD from A and C, respectively. Likewise, F and H are projections of B and D, respectively, on diagonal AC. Prove that the quadrilateral EFGH is a parallelogram. A D F G E H B C...
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