Choose a congruence statement for the triangles shown

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Unformatted text preview: E CBA EFD BCA DFE A B D F C E _____ 11. CD is a(n) C a) Angle bisector b) Linear bisector c) Perpendicular bisector d) Midpoint A D _____ 12. The transformation that means “slide” is: a) b) c) d) rotation dilation reflection translation _____ 13. Which of the polygons below is a regular polygon? a) b) c) d) rectangle rhombus trapezoid square _____ 14. A quadrilateral with exactly one pair of sides parallel is a _________. a) b) c) d) parallelogram kite trapezoid square B Level 2 Geometry Final Exam 2010 Page 4 _____15. EG is a(n) F e) f) g) h) Angle bisector Linear bisector Perpendicular bisector Midpoint E G H Level 2 Geometry Final Exam 2010 Page 5 Part II. Short Answer Directions: Write the answer to each question in t he space provided. Do not forget to include appropriate units for some problems that use specific units (for example: 3 in, 5 cm...
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