Classify def by both its angles and its sides e d 25

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Unformatted text preview: C ___________ Level 2 Geometry Final Exam 2010 Page 8 Part III. Long Answer Directions: Read each question carefully, and be sure to answer all parts. Write your answers in the spaces provided. Full credit will be given for correct answers with work shown . Work that is partially correct may receive partial credit. Do not forget to include appropriate units for some problems that use specific units (for example: 3 in, 5 cm3, 12 ft2). 26. (5 pts) Solve for x then solve for y. Show all work. 3x + 60° 5x + 10° x = ____________ y° y = ____________ 27. (4 pts) The volume of the cone is 160 m3. The height is 17cm. Find the radius. Show all work. Round your answers to the nearest tenth when necessary. l h 17 cm r = __________ r Level 2 Geometry Final Exam 2010 Page 9 K 28. (5 pts) Use JKL to answer each part. 82° a. Solve for x. Show your work. 5x ° 3x - 6...
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