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Unformatted text preview: nition of bisector Isosceles Triangle Theorem SAS HL Level 2 Geometry Final Exam 2010 Page 11 31. (4 pts) Draw the resulting image after performing each transformation described belo w. Shade your final image. a) Reflect the triangle over the x-axis b) Then, translate your new image by the rule ( x, y) (x + 2, y – 3); (right 2, down 3) y x 32. (3 pts) Two ladders are leaning against a wall at the same angle as shown creating similar triangles. How far up the wall does the shorter ladder reach? Show all work. 35 ft 25 ft 14 ft h Level 2 Geometry Final Exam 2010 Page 12 33. (5 pts) Use the picture of MNP to figure out the missing parts. Show your work for each part. Round your answers to the nearest tenth when necessary. a. mN = ______________ N 4 cm b. mP = ______________ M P c. NP = _______________ 34. (3 pts) Solve for x in the polygon below. x = __________...
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