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Name: ____________________________________ 6/2010 Teacher (circle one) Gordon King Geometry Level 2 Final Exam 2010 Lexington High School Mathematics Department This is a 90-minute exam, but you will be allowed to work for up to 120 minutes. Calculator use is permitted for the entire exam. There is a reference sheet that you may use at any point during the exam. This sheet is separate from the exam, and is green. A separate word bank is not provided, but the multiple choice questions and options contain all vocabulary need for other test questions. The exam has 4 parts. Point values for each part appear below. In total, there are 100 points that you can earn. The course faculty will set a letter grade scale after the tests have been graded. Sections Points Earned (for teacher use only) Part I. Multiple Choice 1 point each, 15 questions ___________ / 15 Part II. Short Answer 2 points each, 10 questions ___________ / 20 Part III. Long Answer Points are as marked on the test, 10 questions ___________ / 41 Part IV. Explain What is Wrong 3 points each, 8 questions ___________ / 24 Total Points Earned ___________ / 100 Exam Grade Teacher use only: Pg 1 Pg 2 Pg 3 Pg 4 Pg 5 Pg 6 Pg 7 Pg 8 Pg 9 Pg 10 Pg 11 Pg 12
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Level 2 Geometry Final Exam 2010 Page 1 Name: ___________________________ Teacher:Gordon King Part I. Multiple Choice Directions: Choose the best answer to each question. Write your selection on the line provided. _____ 1. Three points that lie on the same line are: a) coplanar b) collinear c) non-collinear d) intersecting _____ 2. Two lines in the same plane that never touch are: _____
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