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Unformatted text preview: ° J L x = ___________ b. Use your answer from part a) to find the measurement of each angle in JKL. mJ = ___________ mL = ___________ 29. (5 pts) Suppose D is a right angle. a. Find the interior angle sum of pentagon ABCDE. Show all work. C B 2x-16 ° 3x-19 ° interior angle sum of ABCDE = ______________ 3x-31 ° b. Solve for x and find the measure of A . Show all work. A 116° E x = _________________ mA = _________________ D Level 2 Geometry Final Exam 2010 Page 10 30. (5 pts) Use the word bank to fill in the blanks for the two -column proof. Items in the word bank will be used only once, and not all items will be used. P Prove: PQR PSR Given: PQ PS R is the midpoint of SQ . S Statements Q R Reasons PQ PS Given Definition of midpoint PR PR PQR PSR Word Bank: SPR QPR SSS Symmetric Property SR QR R is the midpoint of SQ Reflexive Property Given S Q Defi...
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