Manufacturing Control Technology 1_intro

Introduction to manufacturing control 2 3 sensors

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Unformatted text preview: duction to manufacturing control 2. 3. Sensors Actuators Control review I (The I/O’s, Process Parameters, Control system) Control review II (Laplace transform, Block Diagram & Transfer function) Control review III (PID process control) Automation in Manufacturing Test I Practical Practical 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. PLC / AS PLC / AS PLC / AS PLC / AS AS / PLC AS / PLC AS / PLC Course Planning (cont.) Course Week Contents Practical 9. Industrial Communication AS / PLC 10. Networking Project 11. Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) Project 12. Material Handling (Fundamental) Project 13. Inventory tracking & identification Project 14. Test Project 15. Presentation Presentation Course Assessments: Course Ujian 1 / Test 1 : 15% Ujian 2 / Test 2 : 15% Projek / Projects - PBL : 30% Peperiksaan Akhir / Final Examination : 40% Are U ready? Are Manufacturing control technology technology MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY INDUSTRY Bahan Mentah (raw materials) Keluaran (output) PROCESS SYSTEM CONTROL Manual Semi Auto Fully Auto Manufacturing control technology technology What are we going to control? What Examples: Examples: Process: cutting, joining, forging, assembly, material removal, injection moulding etc. moulding Control: Control: mechanism dynamics, tool paths, motions, molecular fusion, granule generation, injection speed, heat dissipation, machining accuracy etc. etc. Why you want to control them? Money? Money? P...
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