Manufacturing Control Technology 1_intro

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Unformatted text preview: olitical issues? Political Saving the planet? Saving Power? Power? Your children sake? Your I was asked by my parent ?! was General Steps: General Identify input/output and parameters Identify Acquire the data Acquire Make the model Make Do the simulation OR tuning it Do Monitor online Monitor Countermeasure actions Countermeasure Ability to see what happened leads to decision making Model of the system or process is required so that: 1. Easy to simulate 2. Easy to control “I come, I see, and I conquer” – Julius Ceasar Modelling a control Modelling control system system Actual devices Schematic system (model) http:// Control Block Diagram Control Simulation and Control Simulation Get data Get Modelling (pictorial Modelling (pictorial graphics, graph & histograms, block diagrams, petri nets petri nets etc. etc. Simulate (modelling Simulate in time factor) Making decision Making Trigger action Trigger Why we need simulation Why Not all manufacturing matters can be controlled by human MEASUREMENT MEASUREMENT Can you see what happen in the mould after pouring the molten metal? • speed of molten metal? • heat dissipation? • solidification? We need special tools and equipments and simulation as well Store Drill Drill Example: simplest simulation Example: QA inspection Triggering action Triggering Demand increase, iincrease speed of ncrease Demand production (increase number of operator, buy high speed machines, extend overtime) overtime) Low demand, reduce production (give Low reduce VSS, give leave to operator etc.) VSS, Manufacturing Control Technology Technology Manufacturing process and system must Manufacturing be controlled by the latest technology in order to remain competitive in the market share of the business share If demand increase – increase production If If demand decline – decrease production If Manufacturing for Business!!! Case study: Process: fabrication (assembly, fitting, welding, riveting, painting, cutting etc.) System - ??? True story of manufacturing control technology technology Role of manufacturing control Role technology in surviving the business of production of...
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