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Catalysts dyes colors and indicators environmentally

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Unformatted text preview: gnificant substances Information in the Merck Index Chemical, common and generic names Trademarks and associated companies CAS Registry Number Chemical structure Molecular formula and percentage composition Capsule statement identifying compound classes and scientific significance Scientific and patent literature references Physical and toxicity data Therapeutic and commercial uses Caution and hazard information Also in the Merck Index Indices Supplementary tables (some editions) Name, Formula, CAS Registry Number Organic Name Reactions section (some editions) Physical, chemical and biomedical data Listings of pharmaceutical company names and locations Experimental drug codes Over 400 reactions featuring descriptions, literature references and graphical depictions Merck Index, 14th ed. Entry for cholesterol Merck Index, 14th ed. Chemical Formula Index Merck Index, 14th ed. Name Index Merck Index, 14th ed. Entry for heroin CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Table of Physical Constants for Organic Compounds Listed in alphabetical order by parent name Abbreviations, subscripts, superscripts 2phenylethanol is under ethanol, 2phenyl Example: what does it mean if a boiling point is listed as 254760, 12434 ? CRC Handbook, 42nd ed. Entry for cholesterol...
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