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The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

105pmon12261996 advancedrigormortiswasalreadypresent

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Unformatted text preview: • Determined by ambient temp. around the body and body size and clothing. – The odor of decomposition • Depends on room temperature and levels of bacteria and enzyme activity • For every 10 degree increase in room temp. the rate of decomposition doubles Case History Case • Time of death Last seen at 10 pm on 12/25/1996 Body found approx. 1:05 pm on 12/26/1996 Advanced rigor mortis was already present when body was found – Time of death between 10pm on Dec. 25 and 6am on Dec. 26. – Based on the odor of decomposition, death probably occurred at the beginning of this time frame – – – Case History Case • John, Patsy and Burke Ramsey – Media began circulating reports that the family was responsible for the death beginning as early as December 28, 1996 – Media lambasted Ramseys for “exploiting” daughter in beauty pageants • Parents maintained innocence and suggested the presence of intruder – 2000 released book “The Death of Innocence” – Libel suits brought against Fox Network for saying no evidence suggested intruder in a 2002 broadcast Evidence Evidence • Two theories – Intruder committed murder – Family committed murder • Evidence to support both Evidence Evidence • Ransom note • DNA trace on body and under fingernails • White synthetic cord and paint stick used as murder weapon • Broken/open basement window • Palm print found outside basement window • Baseball bat found with carpet fibers present • Abrasions from stun gun? • Footprint in basement • Pubic hair Evidence Evidence • Ransom note analysis – Handwriting analysis – Use comparison microscope • Need examples from suspects – Visual • Letter – curves, slants, size • Line –smooth, dark lines • Formatting ­ spacing – Individualizing evidence http://www.miami-criminal-defense.net/blog/wpcontent/uploads/2008/12/jonbenet_ramsey_ran som_note.jpg • If too many differences exist between the sample...
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