The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

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Unformatted text preview: s and ransom note than it is not a match Evidence Evidence • Many investigators believed that the Ramseys were responsible – Paper/pen found in Ramsey home – Wording indicated a “female” voice – $118,000 demand unusual • Amount of John Ramsey’s bonus – 3 pages in Length – Signed S.B.T.C? Evidence Evidence • Fingernail scrapings – Identified by Y­STR markers • Y chromosome short tandem repeats – Difficult to separate epithelial cells of males and females • Ideal method when victim is female and suspect is supposedly male – Use PCR to amplify and analyze – Not individualizing because all males of the same paternal line would have matching results • Same as mitochondrial analysis pid=140 Evidence Evidence • DNA found underneath JonBenet’s fingernails was unidentified male DNA – Did not match father or brother • Pointed to possibility of intruder theory Evidence Evidence • DNA was found on the victim’s underwear • Analyzed by V­NTRs – Use specific restriction enzyme sites to compare suspects DNA to unknown sample from crime scene DNA must be isolated from matrix Measure quantity of DNA from sample Amplify with PCR Gel Electrophoresis to compare with reference samples • Results can be inclusive, exclusive or inconclusive • • • • – 1997 results were inconclusive Evidence Evidence • Pubic hair samples – Not individualizing • • • Match color, length, diameter Use comparison microscope Pubic hair at crime scene did not match any family members Evidence Evidence • Murder Weapon – Synthetic white cord that was tightened with a paint stick around child’s neck and wrists • Korea printed on stick • Several types of paint – Duct tape found on mouth • • • Removed by John Ramsey No photos taken Could not find any evidence that duct tape was from home – Need to have something to compare to under a microscope » Analyze adhesive backing by FTIR » Could have been useful...
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