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1 to 1 mm target drip patterns multiple free falling

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Unformatted text preview: ular and oval, .1 to 1 mm target Drip patterns- multiple free –falling drops of Drip blood produced from a stationary source onto a horizontal surface onto Chapter 12 6 Significance of Secondary or Significance Satellite Spatters resulting from Dripped Blood Dripped Paul Kish, (1996) performed research Paul on satellite spatters impacting a vertical surface. Factors affecting this are blood drop volume, freshness of blood, surface texture and distance of vertical target from impact site Chapter 12 8 Castoff Bloodstain Patterns • • • These patterns are created by subsequent These blows to the same general area where a wound has occurred and blood has accumulated Blood adheres to object producing injuries Centrifugal force generated by swinging of Centrifugal weapon is great enough to overcome adhesive force of blood, thus creating a castoff bloodstain pattern Chapter 12 10 10 Left-stationary vertical flow Left-stationary Right-left to right vertical flow The Crime Scene: 3-Dimensional diagram illustrating bloodstain patterns illustrating Crime scene photograph of bloodstained area bloodstained Detailed photograph of bloodstains on the wall adjacent to the...
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