Gushing pattern depends on severity of injury to

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Unformatted text preview: purting. gushing Pattern depends on: • • • • • Severity of injury to artery Size and location of artery Whether injury is covered by clothing Position of victim at time of injury Usually large quantity of bloodstains Chapter 12 23 23 Other Bloodstain Patterns • Blood transfer pattern occurs when an Blood object wet with blood comes into contact with an unstained object contact • Altered bloodstains – are subject to Altered change due to quantity of blood present, and temperature, humidity and air currents air Chapter 12 25 25 Other Bloodstain Patterns • • • Skeletonized bloodstain - occurs when Skeletonized central area of a partially dried bloodstain is altered by contact or wiping motion wiping Dried bloodstains age and go through Dried color changes- red to reddish brown to black black Clotting time assists in measuring Clotting amount of elapsed time since injury amount Chapter 12 28 28 Other Bloodstain Patterns • • • Suspected cleaned areas of Suspected bloodstains may be visualized with luminol luminol Heat, fire or smoke may also alter Heat, bloodstain patterns bloodstain Heat and fire can destroy bloodstain Heat patterns patterns Chapter 12 31 31 Interpretations of Bloodstains on Interpretations Clothing and Footwear Clothing • Two questions arise with bloodstained Two garments: garments:...
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