Public purpose just compensation based on highest and

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Unformatted text preview: right of eminent domain Public use vs. public purpose Just compensation based on highest and best use Problems of excessive use Inverse Condemnation (p.90) Airport Example Dr. Eriksen 4 Real Estate Fundamentals Texas Tech University Lesson 3: Governmental Controls POWERS OF EMINENT DOMAIN 18 “Public Use” Expanded to “Public Purpose” US Supreme Court in 1954 allowed for clearing of blighted property for redevelopment Michigan Supreme Court in 1981 allowed condemnation to enable GM factory Kelo v. New London Ct. (2005) City to Allow Developer to Demolish Private Homes Supreme Court allowed city to use eminent domain on non blighted property for private redevelopment Guggenheim v. City of Goleta (2009) City Mandated Rent Controls for Mobile Homes Appeals Court Ruled City Must Pay Damages PROPERTY TAXATION 19 Primary source of Local Gov’t Revenue Provides Revenue for Schools,...
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