static equilibrium problems

Solution table 12 2 gives the maximum force per unit

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Unformatted text preview: t breakage: go to thinner or thicker strings? Why? What causes strings to break when they are hit by the ball? Solution: Table 12-2 gives the maximum force per unit area that an object can withstand under each N type of stress. The maximum strength of the stress in nylon is 500 $ # m 4 7 * ,, 56 57 7 ,, 6 #N " 500 $ m 7 ,, % 6 $ N % m For tighter strings, one needs thicker strings. As the area increases, the strings can withstand greater tension without breaking. The tennis ball changes its momentum during the collision with the racket. . The force required the cause the change in the momentum is provided by the rackets, and in fact it is the force of tension in the strings. The higher the speed of the...
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