Public stockholders treasury shares that have been

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Unformatted text preview: en Shares reacquired by the corporation. 9 Authorization, Issuance, and Repurchase of Stock 10 Stock Authorization Par value is typically a very nominal amount such a $0.01 per share. No par shares allowed. Par value is an arbitrary Par value is an arbitrary amount assigned to each amount assigned to each share of stock when it is share of stock when it is authorized. authorized. Market price is the amount that each share of stock will sell for in the market. 11 Stock Issuance Initial public offering (IPO) Seasoned new issue The first time a corporation issues stock to the public. Subsequent issues of new stock to the public. National Beverage issues stock. 12 13 Stock Exchanged between Investors Transactions between two investors do not affect the corporation's accounting records. I'd like to sell 100 shares of National Beverage stock. I'd like...
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