740 720 bce sparta defeated by argos c 670 bce 2nd

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Unformatted text preview: as it is.” Acropolis, Athens Thucydides 1.10 Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia, Sparta Taygetos and Parnon Early Spartan History 1st Messenian War c. 740-720 BCE Sparta defeated by Argos c. 670 BCE 2nd Messenian War c. 660-650 BCE Annexation of Messenia Who is a Spartiate I? The Spartiate as Warrior It is a fine thing for a good man to fall in the front line Fighting on behalf of his country; But it’s a grievous fate for a man to leave his city and rich fields And wander begging with his dear mother, aged father, small children, and wedded wife. For he will be met with hostility by those to whom he comes, humbled by need and awful poverty. He shames His family and ruins his noble beauty, And every form if disgrace and evil follows him. Tyrtaeus The Hoplite Army Young men, fight shield to shield and never succumb to panic or miserable flight, but steel the heart in your chests with magnificence. Tyrtaeus The Spartan ethos Let a man learn how to fight by first daring to perform mighty deeds, Not where the missiles won't reach, if he is armed with a shield, But getting in close where fighting is hand to hand, inflicting a wound With his long spear or his sword, taking the enemy's life, With his foot planted alongside a foot and his shield pressed against shield, And his crest up against crest and his helm up agains...
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