Law and they are far more afraid of this than your

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Unformatted text preview: PARTAN CONSTITUTION The former Spartan king Demaratus to the Persian Great King Xerxes: “The point is that although they are free, they are not entirely free: their master is the law, and they are far more afraid of this than your men are of you. At any rate, they do whatever the law commands, and its command never changes.” , Herodotus, Histories 7.101-105 SPARTA – THE IDEAL? Edgar Degas, Young Spartans Exercising (c. 1860) “Portrait” of Lycurgus, Chamber of the House of Representatives SPARTA - THE TOTALITARIAN HORROR? "In other states when a man proves a coward, the only consequence is that he is called a coward. He goes to the same market as the brave man and sits beside him. He attends the same gymnasium if he chooses. But in Sparta everyone would be ashamed to have a coward with him at the mess or to be matched with him in a wrestling bout. Often when sides are picked for a game of ball he is the odd man left out. In a chorus he is banished to the ignominious place. In the streets he is bound to make way when he occupies a seat; he must give it up even to a younger man. He must support his spinster relatives at home and he must explain to them why they are old maids." Xenophon, Constitution of the Lacedaemonians Or both?...
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