Bce hattusa hatti hittites wilusa ilios ilion troy

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Unformatted text preview: roy Alaksandru – Alexandros Cuneiform tablet from Hattusa, Treaty between Muwatalli, king of the Hittites, and Alaksandru, ruler of Wilusa Early 13th c. BCE Hattusa / Hatti – Hittites Wilusa – Ilios / Ilion – Troy Alaksandru – Alexandros Ahhiyawa – Achaeans? Milawata - Miletus However, THE CATALOG OF SHIPS (ILIAD 2.494‐759) Of the Boeo,ans Peneleos and Leïtus were captains, and Arcesilaus and Prothoënor and Clonius; these were they that dwelt in Hyria and rocky Aulis and Schoenus and Scolus a...
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