208 kleos fame glory agon struggle contest olympia

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Unformatted text preview: 4 years Nemean Games (Nemea) every 2 years Isthmian Games (Isthmia/Corinth) every 2 years “… ever to be bravest and pre-eminent above all” Iliad 6.208 kleos – fame, glory agon – struggle, contest OLYMPIA Temple of Zeus in Olympia Cult statue of Zeus by Phidias The stadium I pray that I may be pleasing to the hospitable sons of Tyndareus and to Helen of the beautiful hair while I honor renowned Acragas by raising my song in praise of Theron's victory at Olympia, won by the choicest of horses with untiring feet. With this in view the Muse stood beside me when I found a shining new manner of fitting the splendid voice of the victory procession to the Dorian sandal. For the garlands twined around his hair exact from me this sacred debt, to...
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