And if they do not settle the colony and if the

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Unformatted text preview: d that is not under ownership. And if they do not settle the colony, and if the Therans cannot help them and if they suffer hardship for five years, then they may return to their own property in Thera from the country without fear, and be citizens.... Foundation of Cyrene - ctd … Anyone refusing to sail when the city sends him is to be liable to the death penalty and his property to confiscation. Any man taking him in or protecting him, be it a father [helping] a son or a brother a brother, shall suffer the same as the man refusing to sail.” Decree of Cyrene (Meiggs – Lewis, Greek Historical Inscriptions, lines 24-40) “I am the cup of Nestor, good to drink from. Whoever drinks from me at once be seized by desire of fair-crowned Aphrodite.” Selinus (Selinunte) Akragas (Agrigento) Greeks and indigenous people Collaboration, confluence and demon...
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