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What were the effects of the conflict ionia under

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Unformatted text preview: What is so special about the Persian Wars? •  What were the effects of the conflict? Ionia under Persian Rule THE PERSIAN WARS Act 1: The Ionian Revolt (499-494 BCE) THE PERSIAN WARS Act 2: Expedition of Darius (490 BCE) Burial mount at Marathon Assyrian helmet, dedicated at Olympia, inscribed “To Zeus from the Athenians who took it from the Medes” Bronze helmet with inscription “Militades”, dedicated at Olympia THE PERSIAN WARS Act 3: Xerxes’ Campaign 486  Death of Darius, accession of Xerxes 481 Begin of Xerxes’ campaign Foundation of the Hellenic League MAJOR BATTLES •  Thermopylae (480 BCE) •  Salamis (480 BC) •  Plataea (479 BC) THERMOPYLAE “Stranger, tell the people of Lacedamon That we who lie here obeyed their commands.” Today we’ll dine in hell… Jacques-Louis David, 1814 Warner Bros. 2006 “Come and get them” Heroism? Stubbornness? Or rather military strategy?...
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