Aristotle poetics 1449b sophocles antigone 441 bce old

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Unformatted text preview: ve, and through pity and fear it effects katharsis [relief] to these and similar emotions.” Aristotle, Poetics 1449b Sophocles, Antigone (441 BCE) OLD COMEDY •  Comedies were produced at the Dionysia and the Lenaia festivals •  During the fifth century, five plays were performed at each festival, later reduced to three •  Choruses were larger than for tragedies (24) •  Only 11 plays by Aristophanes (447-385 BCE) are extant Vase painting with a scene from a comedy •  Usually set in contemporary Athens •  Ordinary citizens and well-known contemporary people (Socrates, Kleon) •  Everyone is satirized •  Extremely rude and obscene •  Word plays OLD COMEDY THEATER AND DEMOCRACY •  Drama deals with the human drives and passions that threaten order and society. •  Drama provides a medium to reflect on important questions and values, to criticize and to mock – but also creates a community •  Tragedy reflects on the human condition, comedy on contemporary issues THEATER AND SOCIETY “Wonders are many, and none is more wonderful than man.” Sophocles, Antigone 331...
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