Acoustics are helped by the cavea theater of

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Unformatted text preview: s, Athens Theaters use the local topography Natural acoustics are helped by the cavea Theater of Epidaurus Theater of Dionysus, Athens – artist’s rendition “deus ex machina” COMPETITION (TRAGEDY) •  Archon chose three poets each year •  Assembly imposed liturgies on rich citizens to pay for the actors, the chorus, costumes, and staging •  Plays were performed in a competition as part of the festival in honor of Dionysus •  Three poets presented their work, one poet each day for the three days of the festival •  Each poet presented a trilogy, followed by a burlesque satyr play. Choregic monument of Lysicrates (335-334 BCE) SO WHAT IS TRAGEDY? “Tragedy is a representation of an action that is heroic and complete and of a certain magnitude - by means of language enriched with all kinds of ornament, each used separately in the different parts of the play: It represents men in action and does not use narrati...
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