2 200 1100 b ce a nd d ark ca 1 100 750 b ce ages

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Unformatted text preview: ut f undamental Greek conceptions o f the relationship o f god t o m an h ad been established centuries before, i n t he Mycenaean (ca. 2 200-1100 B .C.E.) a nd D ark (ca. 1 100-750 B .C.E.) Ages, a nd those conceptions o f t he relationship, because o f the strong conservatism i n Greek religious tradition, maintained themselves through the various changes o f t he political systems o f Athens a nd o ther Greek city-states. The Greeks h onored t heir gods because these gods h ad the power to help t hem a nd did help t hem i n matters which the Greeks t hought lay beyond their control. These matters included, in the m ost general terms, 1) fertility o f crops, animals, and h uman beings, 2) economic prosperity, 3) good health, a nd 4) safety i n the dangers o f w ar a nd seafaring. Most Greek gods contributed t o h uman life in one o AEGINA Figure 1.8 A...
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