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Carpenter greek in ogden companion whatever animal he

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Unformatted text preview: ograph © Museum o f Fine A sacred. Boston. On similar sacrifice scenes on vases, see TsacrificeReligion and Art," pp. Each person may . Carpenter, "Greek in Ogden, Companion. whatever animal he wishes, but the meat is not to be removed from the on1nipresent , t o r temenos.”and to -protecteceive their offering, t hem a nd t heir Months o f the At B.C.E., h) m he , friends as t hey venture o ut t o sea, a nd From the regulations concerning the Hekatombaion priests of t hen they will mal,e a n offering. This Metageitnion might well be the end o it, and they Oropus, c. 384-374 Amphiaraus (a healing fgod) atthen Boedromion would t urn t o o ther business o f t he day. BCE Pyanopsion Let us imagine at this early stage Tombstone of an a rather simple festival day for Poseidon Athenian priest, at Sunium. For all Athenians t he e ighth...
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