I t is honor a nd respect that the greek gods w ant f

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Unformatted text preview: s children." We are n ot expected t o love a Greek deity as a child would his parent. I t is " honor" a nd "respect" that the Greek gods w ant f rom humans. But what kind o f " honor" is this t o be? I t is n ot the h onor t hat children owe their parents, n or t he h onor t hat a slave owes to his master. The Greeks, w ho themselves h ad slaves a nd t hought slavish h onor unworthy o f a f reeman a nd typical o f b arbarian societies like the Persian, would n ot subject themselves to it, even for their gods. Rather it is, I thiul" the k ind o f " honor" a subject owes his king, the k ind o f h onor a good subject owes to a good king. T hat i n highly democratic Athens o f t he fifth century Athenian worshipers thought themselves subjects o f a good, divine royalty may seem paradoxical, b...
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