This t he sixth m onth o f t he a thenian year fell i

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Unformatted text preview: day o f each m onth was sacred to Poseidon, a nd let us p ut his a nnual festival day o n t he eighth day o f t he m onth 370-360 BCE Posideon. This, t he sixth m onth o f t he A thenian year, fell i n m id-winter a nd was named, like m ost Greek months, after a festival held in it - here t he Posidea If they sacrifice a n animal, however, they will probably make a day o f it, b utchering a nd cooking t he a nimal a nd settling down for a feast in the afternoon. The prayer a nd sacrifice will offer moments o f great religious solemnity, JuneJuly-A Elaphebolion Augu Septe Octob Nove Dece Janua Febru M ounichion Marc Maimakterion Posideon Gamelion Anthesterion THE SACRIFICE Attic vase painting depicting a sacrifice, mid-5th century BCE One must sacrifice to the gods for three purposes: to give honor, to show gratitude, or because of one's need of good things. Theophrastus, On Piety, frg. 12 A city on parade ELEUSIS Demeter Persephone – Kore The Communal Procession (pompe) “Great Eleusinian Relief”, c. 440 BCE Plan of the sanctuary at Eleusis...
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