When he is not present each sacrificer is himself to

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Unformatted text preview: ary no less than ten days each month (…) The priest is to pray over the offerings and to place them on the altar when he is present. When he is not present, each sacrificer is himself to pray at his sacrifice, but nthe priest ismixing bowl for wine) from about 425 by th Figure 1.6 A Athenian red-figure croter ( to pray over Cleophon painter o r a m ember o f his circle; 42.3 em. high and 47 em. in diameter. In t he l ow the state's stands the altar over whichThe skins washes allands in a bowl held by center offerings. t he b earded sacriflcer of his h the n his acrificial k animalsayoung man.dIepictedleftonhand tlhe yNote tman holds a container for tthe fsar left andnife. Tghe victi sacrificed eft oung he sanctuary arehe arlands sheep, is t he in the player on he t by all. C ourtesy o f t he Museum o f Fine Arts, Boston, 95.25. P hot...
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