Attested for this sanctuary by historical sources b

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Unformatted text preview: o f Poseidon Soter at Sunium. Most are n ot expressly .attested for this sanctuary by historical sources, b ut all are typical o f such activities at otber sanctuaries a nd t hus, like the sanctuary itself, form a standard model for comparison w ith religious activities we describe in later chapters. Worship With o ur s anctuary complete, we can now t urn to the worship o f Poseidon. But what is w orship i n t he Greek religious tradition? Greek religious worship is fundamentally the doing o f deeds a nd the giving o f gifts t hat s how honor (time) to the deity. Worshipers wanted to h onor t he deity for the power the deity h ad a nd for the good things t hat deity provided. Greek gods wanted from their devotees «(honor" and «respect," n ot "love." Unlike i n the Christian tradition, the Greek god, even Zeus, is n ot «our father;' a nd we are n ot " hi...
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