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Edicatlon are still u nder the authority o f o ur

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Unformatted text preview: ES… An Overview: Greek Sanctuaries and Worship 21 C d.edicatlOn - are still u nder the authority o f o ur priest. And, in o ur cult, the priest is s):ill selected by his family, largely free from any state authority. As we have completed o ur sanctuary, we caution again here t hat i t is n ot intenJ.eJ. Lv L ite a Lll.l.l1 ;:,dllo.... L Udly d l S Ui1.1Ulll l itdL 0111..: I...dll L ldu.: the g round a t t he site o r i n t he plans o f b ooks describing it. 2 O ur s anctuary has o f t be elements actually found there, b ut is intended primarily as a model a typical, fully developed Greek sanctuary, and each real sanctuary, including o f Poseidon a t S unium, h ad s ome distinct, idiosyncratic features o f buildings, .de:di,;ations, priesthoods, a nd ritual. The same is t rue o f the activities o f worship now attribute t o o ur cult...
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