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Unformatted text preview: hered •  Mostly administrative records •  Preserved because of the fires that destroyed the palaces. Religion “Snake goddess” Bull’s head Rituals: Bull leaping Problems…. A priest? A god? A king? Seal from Charnia (Western Crete) Mycenae Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890) Excavations in Mycenae from 1876 on Lion Gate “Cyclopean Walls” GRAVE CIRCLE A   13 shaft graves   9 male,   8 female,   2 children   Dated 1550-1500 BCE “MYCENAE RICH IN GOLD…” Jewellery Sword handle Death mask “Treasury of Atreus” Tholos, Dated c. 1300-1250 BCE Minoan Influences Minoan Jar Mycenaean Jar “MYCENAE RICH IN GOLD…” Jewellery Sword handle Death mask Artistic reconstruction of the central room (megaron) Palace at Pylos A warrior culture Grave stele (grave circle A; Mycenae) Warriors on the march (vase painting, Mycenae) Wall painting depicting soldiers in battle Minoan wall painting from Akrotiri (Thera), c. 1600 BCE depicting a Mycenaean invasion? Knife blade with lion hunt, grave circle A, Mycenae Consider: •  Values and ideology •  Legitimizing power and authority? •  Eastern influences? LINEAR B Deciphered in 1953 Adapted from Linear A Used for administrative records Early form of Greek Our questions •  When did Greek history begin? •  How much can archaeology tell us about the past? MYCENAEAN CIVILIZATION •  Settlements on the Peloponnese and in Central Greece (cf. peer polity model) •  Fortified citadels plus hinterland •  Hierarchical society, monarchical rule (wanax / anax) •  Centralization and bureaucracy •  Wealth •  Trade, piracy, war •  Art and architecture SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT… Is this the society described by Homer? Can (or: should) archaeology be used to “prove” Homer?...
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