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Unformatted text preview: DICATED PLACE. a. units b. tenths c. hundredths d. ten- thousandths 62) WRITE THE FOLLOWING IN EXPANDED NOTATION USING POWERS OF 10. 730.9105 SOLVE THE FOLLOWING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR CALCULATOR. 67) Last year, Maria earned $388 per week. This year, her salary increased to $416 per week. What is the percent of increase (to the nearest tenth of a percent)? 68) 25 is 85% of what number (to the nearest tenth)? 69) Suppose that you buy a car for $24,000 plus 6% sales tax. Find the sales tax and the total bill. 70) A TV was purchased and 8% tax was added to the purchase price. If the total bill was $515.60, how much did the TV cost? 71) If 7.15 gallons of a certain liquid weigh 40 pounds, how much does one gallon weigh? T102 Chapter 7 & 8 Review Page 5 72) If a new condo costs $110,000 this year, what will it be worth in 10 years, if we assume a constant inflation rate of 12%, compounded annually? 73) You must score 90% or better to receive an A on this test. If thereare 40 points on the test, how...
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