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Unformatted text preview: p to soccer camp. What percent of his goal has been reached? 37) The price of a printer was reduced from $400 to $160. What was the percent of decrease? 38) After receiving a discount of 15.5% on its bulk order of typewriter ribbons, Johnʹs Office Supply pays $6084. What was the price of the order before the discount? 39) The price of an item is reduced by 20% in a sale. Two weeks later the price is increased to 20% more than the sale price. Do you think that the item has been restored to its original price? If not, do you think its price is now higher or lower than the original price? Explain your thinking. 29) Order the decimals from least to greatest. NC 0.161816, 0.1618, 0.16, 0.1618 3 30) Write the fraction in decimal notation. NC 7 31) The distance from the downtown station to the last stop on a commuter railroad line is 16.8 miles. The distance between stops is about 1.2 miles. How many stops are there? NC 32) Simplify : NC 12 33) What is the 100th digit after the decimal point in the following rep...
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