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Unformatted text preview: eating decimal? 0.738401 NC 34) A hardware store had monthly sales of $74,000 and spent 28% of it on freight costs. How much was spent on freight costs? NC 35) The appliance store where the Scott family shops offers a 8% discount for paying cash. The Scott family received a discount of $49. What was their total bill before the discount? Round your answer to the nearest dollar. NC T102 Chapter 7 & 8 Review 40) Roberto is an employee of a store and receives 20% discount off all items in the store. During a sale, the price of a jacket is reduced by $15. Roberto will receive both his 20% discount and the $15 off. Which is better for Roberto, to take the 20% discount first and then subtract $15 or to subtract $15 first and then take his 20% discount? Explain you answer. 41) Find the compound interest earned by the deposit. Round to the nearest cent. $6440 at 5% compounded semiannually for 6 years 42) Decide if the number is rational or irrational. 1.25242926... NC 43) Round as indicated. NC a. 459.00658 to the nearest hundredth. b. 45...
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