Threethousandandtwenty two hundred thousandths 18

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Unformatted text preview: where a and b are b integers and b ≠ 0. Show work to justify your answer. NC a. 0.2 9 b. 0.5 6 c. 0.4 5 d. - 2.4 83 22) The price of a suit was $200 and it was reduced by 30%. By what percent must the price of the suit be increased to bring the price back to $200? Round your answer to the nearest percent. 17) Rewrite as a numeral. Three thousand and twenty - two hundred- thousandths 18) Write each of the following in the simplest n form a b, where a and b are integers, and b has the least value possible. NC 3 a. 120 b. 81 19) If the following letters correspond to the sets listed in the table below, complete the following table by placing checkmarks in the appropriate columns. NC Number N I Q R S - 4 23) Convert each percent to decimals. NC 1 c. 250% a. 17% b. % 4 24) 1 (Write as a percent.) 8 NC 25) Find the a) simple interest and the b) final value of the deposit that earns the given rate for the indicated length of time. Round to the nearest cent. $8116 earning 11% for 2.7 years 26)...
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