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Unformatted text preview: June made an initial deposit of $5000 in an account for her son. Assuming an interest rate of 8% compounded quarterly, how much will the account be worth in 15 years? Round to the nearest cent. 5.8 27) For which values of x (x < 3500) can 6 1 2 4 x be 3500 written as a terminating decimal? Explain your reasoning. 20) Susieʹs Bicycle shop advertised a bicycle for 15% off for a savings of $24. The bicycle did not sell so it was offered at a new 20% discount off the sale price. a. What did the bicycle sell for regularly? b. What is the amount of the new discount? 21) Fill in the blanks. NC PERCENT DECIMAL FRACTION 83% a. 4.78 b. c. T102 Chapter 7 & 8 Review 1 4 2 Page 2 28) Use the following 100 grid to explain how to solve the following problem. Explain how you used your model to determine your answer. Because of the flu, 225 of the schoolʹs 900 were absent yesterday. What percent of the students were absent? NC 36) Alex has saved $560 at the bank. He wants to accumulate $1750 for a tri...
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