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Unformatted text preview: many must you answer correctly to receive an A? 74) A dress has been marked down from $40 to $29. What percent discount is this? 75) A $9.85 item is being discounted 12%. Find the sale price. 76) If you want to earn an annual rate of 10% on your investment, how much (to the nearest cent) should you pay for a note that will be worth $5000 in 9 months? 77) If you must pay $960 for a note that will be worth $1000 in 6 months, what annual simple interest rate will you earn? 78) If $5000 is invested at 18% compounded monthly, what is the amount after 2 years? 79) To save for their retirement, a couple deposits $10,000 in an account that pays 8% compounded quarterly. What will be the value of their investment after 25 years? How much interest have they earned? 80) Find the compound interest earned by the deposit. Round to the nearest cent. $3,300 at 11% compounded semiannually for 8 years 81) Find the simple interest and the final value of the deposit given the following information. Round your answer to the nearest cent. $12,944 earning 13.0% for 10 months 82) Given: a. b. 7 17 How large...
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